RV Solar Hot Water Kit

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Beautiful DIY installation on a 40' Motorhome

 Completely Off Grid. Save your Batteries and Propane. No switches or complicated wiring. Works great with existing 6 and 10 gallon RV tanks. This simple system is expandable by just adding another panel.                              (International shipping is available. Please contact us here)

Get free hot water for your RV. These have been tested to hold up under the most extreme conditions, and are unbreakable. The front of the panel is twin wall polycarbonate glazing , the same material used for bulletproof windows, robust and lightweight. They are affordable AND WORK. The water gets very hot, very quickly., and this system works with any water pressure.


       10 watt solar panel                            Hot water solar panel details                         12 volt solar pump

This Roof Mount Solar Hot Water Kit installs easily using standard compression fittings and 3/8" tubing.    Everything is included.


Cold side



Kit for RV Water Tanks with 3/8" OD tubing Includes everything you need:

Solar hot water panel

12 volt circulating pump

10 Watt solar panel for pump (simply attach 2 wires from panel to pump)

25 or 50 feet of 3/8" OD PEX tubing

two compression elbows to connect the panel to the tubing

the fittings to connect the pump to the tubing

the tees to tie everything into the existing lines to the water heater

freeze protection

Note: Most RVs have 3/8" tubing on the side connections for hot and cold, but some newer RVs have 1/2"

Free hot water in minutes


Kits with Optional shut off valves and / or extra 25' of PEX Tubing
Kit Options
Free Shipping  (continental US)

Add 2 Optional ball valves and fittings

Increase Pex Tubing to 50"


Additional Panel

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